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BYREDO was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham. Ben began to be intrigued by scent and memory after travelling to his mother's hometown in India, where he was stirred by the aromas of spices and incense. Inspired by this trip, BYREDO's scented candles and perfumes have been developed with an understated approach, using simple composition of the highest quality raw materials.

byredo是由Ben Gorham于2006年创办的品牌。Ben去了他母亲的家乡-印度,在那里他被香料和香的香味所吸引并对香味和记忆香产生兴趣。受到这次旅行的启发,他使用了最优质的原材料经过简单的组合开发出了BYREDO的香薰蜡烛和香水。


A native Swede, born to an Indian mother and a Canadian father, Ben grew up in Toronto, New York and Stockholm. He graduated from the Stockholm art school with a degree in fine arts, but a chance meeting with perfumer Pierre Wulff convinced him that he'd rather create fragrances than paintings. With no formal training in the field, Gorham, a 31-year old , sought out the services of world renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, explaining his olfactory desires and letting them create the compositions. As an outsider in the beauty industry, Ben is somewhat of an anomaly and has been recognized for his personal style and connection to fashion and art in several international magazines such as French Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, V Magazine and Fantastic Man to name a few.

BEN GORHAM——创始人 本是土生土长的瑞典人,母亲是印度人,父亲是加拿大人。他在多伦多、纽约和斯德哥尔摩长大。他毕业于斯德哥尔摩艺术学院,获得了美术学位,但与香水师皮埃尔•伍尔夫(Pierre Wulff)的一次偶遇让他相信,他宁愿创作香水,也不愿创作油画。由于没有接受过这方面的正式培训,31岁的戈尔汉姆找到了世界著名的香水师奥利维亚•亚科贝蒂(Olivia Giacobetti)和杰罗姆•埃皮内特(Jerome Epinette)的服务,向他们解释了自己的嗅觉欲望,并让他们创作了这些作品。作为美容行业的局外人,本多少有点另类,他的个人风格和与时尚和艺术的联系在几家国际杂志上都得到了认可,比如法国《Vogue》、《名利场》、《Elle》、《V》杂志和《Fantastic Man》。